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Felix P.

I got 3 medium lenghth, huggie hoops in gold.
Had a hard time finding Zoro's earrings that look good and are of good quality. But I gave these a try and now after I have been wearing them for a while and also left them on for showering, I can say I am extremly happy with them. The length is just right for me and they have also stayed in perfect condition. I can definitly recommend them!

B. Gomes
From a grateful Etsy Brazilian customer,

I'm actually embarassed over how long it took for me to write this review, especially after all the headache I put the ArtfulValues team through... But here it is.
I'm a great One Piece (and Zoro) fan so I've had my eyes set on these earrings for quite some time and getting them was the right choice. They're so beautiful, they look exactly like the photos and, in my opinion, are one of the most similar to Zoro's. While I was browsing I was unsure over their size, but I ended up buying the long ones and they fit perfectly (they aren't always covered by my long hair but don't look excessive as well).
On top of that, the ArtfulValues team works hard and are really attentive, while also constantly bringing new beautiful products, so I'm not only wishing them the best and hoping that they could reach even more parts of the globe, but I also trust that if you're interested in their products, you won't be be dissapointed.

The thing is that I'm currently in Brazil and, unfortunately, I've had to deal with some shipping problems, which made me pretty anxious and had me constantly bothering the team with questions and requests - I'm really sorry about that. Still, even if it wasn't their fault at all, Wendy and Zita (but I'm sure it applies to other members) were always considerate with their replies, searching for solutions and even comforting me.

[Para futuros compradores brasileiros:] pela minha experiência, eu aconselho que vocês garantam que seu CPF foi informado na hora da compra e chequem/confirmem seus endereços para que tudo corra bem. Qualquer coisa, não tenha medo de contatar a equipe da ArtfulValues, eu tenho certeza que vocês conseguirão resolver qualquer problema assim.

Morgane THIERY

They're perfect ! They're light, and I was so schoked by the quality ! I'm wearing them everyday, and I stand them perfectly (I can't stand many materials), I'm so glad !

Omarhiyon Malcolm
Love Them

They are great! I got the long size and had them in for about a week, they are very comfortable and I had no issues.

rosa manjala
my fave earring eva !!

these are so cute that i had to buy a second set! (for backup). i wear them everywhere and they go with anything. ty ty ty!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxx :)))))