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Great Earrings!

They look awesome and feel high quality. They are heaver Earrings but not uncomfortable. I really like the closing mechnism.

👍 Great

I received my necklace on time and even got a surprise ring from them😍 I'm very satisfied with my gifts and have told all my family about this company

Loved the details and the size.

Zoro Roronoa Earrings

Bought as a gift for a friend. The packaging and quality of earrings were great. My friend really like the earrings!


I got the 1 cm hoops and they are gorgeous. The gems are shiny and the hold is very comfortable!

Zoro Earrings 18K Gold
Carlos Gaston
Excelent quality

The earrings are great, you can apreciate the quality. It takes some time to arrive, but it worth the wait.

Zoro Earrings Review

Great Product. Have bought these three separate times and will be coming back.

Zoro Earrings 18K Gold
Hampus Widlund

Only bad thing is I don’t look as good as Zoro in the face when I wear them.. but still, they are fire. Delivered securely and matched the expectations.

Very good quality, but disappointed about the difference in the sizes

I ordered 2 Long zoro earrings and 1 medium zoro earring hoping that all 3 would look the exact same, but when i received them, the medium length earring has a squared off clasp, while the two long ones have a rounded clasp. its not too big of a deal, but if i had known that i would have definitely just ordered 3 of the long ones.

This my third time buying this product for the last year. Love the design will always be coming back to order more when they get tarnished.

To long, but good quallity

longer than expected, but the quallity was good.
cannot remember how i purchased it, and what length. but they were quiet long.

Love them!

I wasn’t prepared for how BEAUTIFUL these are! They are amazing and I’m totally in love! I got the short ones their size is perfect! They delivered them right to my door in Saudi Arabia! No hassle no nothing! Also, I’M WEARING RORONOA ZORO’S EARRINGS!!!

Love them!

I don’t know what I was expecting BUT OH MY GOD THESE ARE GORGEOUS!!!! I love them so much AND OHHHH GOOODDDDD I’M WEARING RORONOA ZORO’S EARRINGS!!!!

I wasn’t ready for how good this looks!!! I don’t know what i was expecting but OH MY GOD these are so beautiful I can’t even begin to describe it! I got the short ones! Their size is perfect and I’m completely in love and HOLY MOLY I’M WEARING RORONOA ZORO’S EARRINGSSSS!!!!

Love it

I got a third lobe piercing recently just so I can wear all three.. I can't wait till it heals haha


The size is perfect, not to big or small. Love it so much!

Good quality item 💯

Zoro Earrings 18K Gold

Livraison un peu longue, mais une qualité juste incroyable ! 💚
Je vous conseille fortement !

These are very pretty and they are safe for sensitive ears!

Zoro Black Earrings
Justin Zhang

Great quality and awesome customer service!

Best quality out there and amazing customer service!


I ordered howls earrings and I was more than happy when I received them! The didn’t irritate my skin or cause any problems 10/10

Zoro Earrings 18K Gold
Cir Francis Raeven Pagunsan

Zoro Earrings 18K Gold

Howl's Earrings 14K Gold
gabriella connolly
0.9cm huggie hoop howls earrings

i love the earrings very pretty

Polnareff Heart Earrings
Arabella Bortolin

Polnareff Heart Earrings