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Looks exactly like the photos


They are beautiful!
It will be great if will be more colourful like rengoku .
But they are beautiful!

Uzui Tengen Hammered Huggies
Dominika Schovancová
Just like picture! I love them.

Thank you very much for them, they are just like picture! Lovely gold and shiny. Amazing work, thank you so much!

Awesome earrings! I love them! ❤️

Really love how they look, but the gold plating came off almost immediately

My absolute favourite earrings

Was gifted these 3 years ago and haven't stopped wearing them since as they've just been so beautiful, versatile and comfortable. A few days ago one of the gems fell off and I lost it which broke my heart but I've decided to just wear the one instead. I'll never stop wearing these. Never.

Perfect size and nice color. They were a bit heavier than expected, but not unpleasantly so. It made them feel more well-made. Gave them as a gift and the person loved them!

Trafalgar Law Earrings
Omarhiyon Malcolm

Trafalgar Law Earrings

The earrings arrived very quickly and they are absolutely stunning, the silver matches with the rest of my jewellery.


the earrings look just like they do in the picture! super good quality and beautiful

Great product!

Beautiful earrings, loved it.

Perfect. Be careful with the chain though, it feels really easy to break.

Fits perfectly. Not heavy weight.

They are esthetically okay but only after a short time, the jewel popped out and broke in a corner so it won't fit inside anymore.


I absolutely love these and I get so many compliments on them too! I had a pair similar to these I got somewhere else but they broke so I decided to get these and i’m so glad I did! These are beautiful, don’t tarnish, or turn your ears green either!

Spy × Family Yor Forger Earrings
Ranier Olegario-Nebel
phenomenal Work

The earrings came in and were beautiful and as expected. They fit very well! Be careful of pushing it too hard because it can deform a little bit you can bend it back in shape.

Would buy other pieces here

Value for money

Although the price may seem low , surprisingly the quality of the earrings is very decent ...And despite the period of the purchase(holidays) and the location of the delivery ,it came just in the time window that was said ...
The packaging was also nice and thoughtful ,it had wipers for polishing and to disinfect the earrings ...
I would definitely use the site again for any other item i may be interested in .

Good quality and affordable

I purchased this last year and have been wearing it since I received it. It’s subtle, beautiful and elegant. The quality is amazing too. I never took off mine even when showering or exercising. It didn’t tarnish or turn my skin green.

Love these earrings, though they are a wee bit bendable so be careful when cleaning them.

Perfect gift!

My friend and I are big fans of Ghibli movies but we especially enjoyed Howl’s moving castle. So, I thought Howl’s earrings would be the perfect gift for their birthday. And since they prefer silver this was the perfect option! Very happy with the earrings, they turned out beautifully!

Love them !

Cute packaging and the earrings are perfect I love them !

lovely lovely earrings !!!!!

love this pair so much they're so gorgeous :)) this shop always makes such wonderful jewelry and their shipping is great + seller is so sweet. love

gorgeous!!!! perfect!!!!

love love love these earrings they are soooo pretty... excellent for if u have multiple piercings and are trying to layer earrings... excellent on their own... just so well made. always love buying from this shop :)